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While you are on a well deserved holiday, we will make sure that your pets are truly pampered during your absence. During your absence, your animal will be cared for by our experienced and friendly staff who possess years of experience in the fields of veterinary and animal care and education, and who will endeavour to ensure the well-being of the temporary residents of the Pet Hotel Klinika Loka.

Because we desire that your furry pet receives everything necessary in our care, we will first discuss your pet with you upon your arrival to find out as much as possible about your animal. We will be happy to give you a tour of our modern interiors and the larger outdoor area dedicated to the animals staying at the Small Animal Hotel Klinika Loka.

Dogs are housed in spacious areas with comfortable beds and an exit door. All interior spaces are heated (some even have floor heating), ventilated and air-conditioned. Outdoor spaces are located at the edge of the forest under the shelter of the trees, ensuring a pleasant shade during the greatest summer heat.

Cats and other small animals are housed in premises adapted to them, with a soft bed, toys and toilet.

Animals are fed high quality dry and canned food, with plenty of fresh water always available. Owners may also bring their own food for their pets.

Prior to bringing your pets, please first check if they have received all mandatory and several recommended immunisations. Also please bring your animal’s passport or medical booklet.

Of course, a holiday with us also means an active stay for dogs. Walks are adapted to each dog, depending on their needs and abilities. Walks are conducted at least twice a day while your dog will enjoy the enclosed garden where it can indulge in play and relaxation.

During your pet’s stay, we also offer basic care (daily brushing) as well as the services of the Small Animal Salon Klinika Loka (bathing, combing, trimming, nail clipping, etc.).

You can book you pet’s stay by telephone or via the e-booking form. For accommodation during public holidays and summer and winter holidays, please book your pet’s stay at least 7 days prior to arrival and during normal periods at least 2 days prior to arrival.

Pets can check into the hotel from 9.00 onwards and must check out by 17.30 at the latest on the day of departure. If you are unable to drop off or pick up your pets during these hours, please talk to our hotel staff to arrange a pick up and drop off time.

The staff at Klinika Loka are aware that only the BEST is good enough for your pet!

Bring your pet to our hotel for a holiday!

  • Care of dogs and cats and other pets
  • Dog walking
  • Veterinary examination of your animal and advice

Bathing, brushing, fur trimming for small animals