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Born in 1977 in Škofja Loka, Urša graduated from the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana in 2003. Already during her studies, she obtained knowledge and experience at Klinika Loka, where she has been employed since 2004. She regularly undergoes training at professional seminars and courses on internal veterinary medicine, dermatology and ultrasound diagnostics in both in Slovenia and abroad.

She is a member of the European Society of Veterinary Dermatologists (ESVD), the Slovenian Dermatology Chapter and the Slovenian Small Animal Veterinary Association (SSAVA).

She acquired postgraduate knowledge in the following fields of veterinary medicine:

  • Laboratory Diagnosis of Parasitic Diseases, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2003;
  • EECEIS Diseases of Cats, Opatija, Croatia, 2004;
  • Electrocardiography and Identification of Arrhythmias, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005;
  • Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Therapy of Heart Failure, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006;
  • ESAVS Veterinary Internal Medicine I, II and III, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2005-2007;
  • 33rd World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress, Sydney, Australia, 2007;
  • Clinical Oncology, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007;
  • 1stAlpe-Adria Diagnostic Cytology Symposium, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007;
  • and XXII. Symposium on Current Diseases of Small Animals, 2008–2009;
  • Cardiology Symposium, Postojna, Slovenia, 2008;
  • 23rdAnnual Congress of the ESVD–ECVD, Bled, Slovenia, 2009;
  • Veterinary Dermatology Bayer-Royal Canin ESVD-ECVD, Bled, Slovenia, 2009;
  • ESAVS Veterinary Dermatology I, II and III, Vienna, Austria, 2009-2011;
  • Abdominal Ultrasound Workshop-Companion Animal, Postojna, Slovenia, 2010;
  • Dermatology and Gastrointestinal Diseases in Small Animals, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011;
  • 4thAlpe-Adria Diagnostic Cytology Symposium, Portorož, Slovenia, 2012;
  • State of Shock – From Theory to Practice, Postojna, Slovenia, 2012;
  • Advanced Course in Clinical Pathology, Postojna, Slovenia, 2012;
  • Dermatology of Cats, Bled, Slovenia, 2013.